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Lee Mclauglin

" Everyone has a theory welcome to mine."

The Athlete

My story began at my school sports day as a 14 year old boy. I wasn’t known for my speed, one of the students predicted I would come 5th in the race. I knew straight away this wasn’t acceptable and decided to rise to the challenge. I won that race whilst also breaking the school record, I’ve never looked back since. I later went on to play rugby 15s and 7s. Currently I’m competing as a sprinter in the 100m and 200m. My experiences have taught me to become obsessed with how to become faster, stronger and leaner. Jason Carty my coach and mentor, has been the foundation for my athletic ability and coaching.

  • Current status - Out of action until 2018 due to a torn ACL

The Coach

Everyone has a theory, welcome to mine… I’m a coach who works with the general public and athletes across all ages. One of my principles of coaching is “thinking outside the box”. What I mean by this is there is always a solution to a problem. Most of my philosophy comes from scientifically backed evidence and from my experiences. I’ll be using this platform to express my theories on becoming faster, stronger and leaner.

As you all know, there are endless amounts of the types of training you can do. Why would you want to train like an athlete? Here are my personal top 4 reasons:

– Decrease body fat
– Injury prevention
– Transform your running mechanics
– Improve your athletic performance

  • Current status - Working as a freelance coach and personal trainer at KX Gym

Are you ready to take your training to the next level ?

I'm a determined coach who thrives on working with others to make their dreams a reality.